How is Collier’s graded for quality

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Our experienced cheese graders have chosen only the finest cheddar to be packed and sold as Collier’s Powerful Red Scottish Cheddar. The process starts at the very beginning, as all good crafts do, with a select recipe.

The cheese starts its maturing process and is initially graded at 3 months to ensure that the young cheddar meets the correct profile to mature on to be the quality demanded. It is then carefully monitored throughout the ageing and maturing process until deemed to have the correct texture and flavour for its maturity. Any cheese deemed not to meet this standard will be rejected.

Collier’s Powerful Red Scottish Cheddar is typically aged for a minimum of 12 months and beyond. Our graders will only release the cheddar for cutting and packing when it has met their exacting standards.

We always aim to give you an extraordinary taste sensation!

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